Private 1:1 Support

CEO Development

Kelly takes on a small handful of men and women to coach in a 6-month private container.  This is perfect for the busy 7-figure entrepreneur who:

  • Want a private, personalized experience that will identify upper limits and unconscious blocks and walk you through the process of reprogramming them.
  • Feels overwhelmed and stressed with growing your team and company culture and desires objective input about why you are acting as a bottleneck, self-sabotaging, or not seeing innovative solutions to challenges.
  • Is battling the New Level, New Devil experience and struggling with negative thought patterns, doubts, fears, and challenges with control and confidence.

This experience is 100% personalized to your individual needs and begins with a 90-minute intensive to assess them. Through bi-weekly coaching sessions and Voxer access for quick resolutions, this 6-month experience will quickly uplevel any CEO’s ability to lead from a place of clarity, alignment, confidence, and vision.

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Every entrepreneur faces the New Level, New Devil experience.

The wise ones learn how to navigate it

with speed and ease.

Kelly Ruta CEO Support Client

Ideal Client

Private 1:1 Support is for any CEO who has hit an upper limit and knows that their team, clients, and business require them to grow as CEOs in order for their strategies and services to be valuable and relevant.

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