I see you, sister.

You want it all. 

World-changing impact,
a legacy that shines and
the kind of wealth that allows you
to let go of worry once and for all.


You have a big message to share and you are passionate as hell about using your gifts to serve and uplift your family, your community and the world at large.

Like me, you look around and see evidence in every area of life and business that it is time for women like us to stand up and use our values and voices and vision to create big, bold change in the world. 

Because we are the heroes we have been waiting for.


When a strong woman shines, her sisters build the confidence to do the same.

And when we all shine? Everyone wins.

It is not your fault that you feel stuck.
But it is 100% your responsibility to change it.

You have come so far but you and I both know that what got you here

won't break you through to the next level.

Yes, you play a mean strategy game but more strategy is NOT what is holding you back.

Its time to dive deep and UNBLOCK your upper limits

so you can finally UNLOCK the next levels of leadership, service, freedom, impact and wealth.



Once your conscious mind, subconscious mind and brain are all on board with your goals, desires and vision?


So how about today we agree on a few things.

You’ve struggled enough.
You’ve run the numbers enough.
You’ve worked and hoped and overanalyzed and strategized enough.
It’s time to let it all be much easier.
And I exactly the woman to help you do just that.

Ready to find out how?

About Me

Hey there, I’m Kelly.
Jersey girl living in the South.
Seasoned psychotherapist turned Mindset Optimization Coach
Feminist AF.
Hardcore (outgoing) Introvert.
Wife. Boy Mom. Ride or Die Friend.
Obsessed with all things chocolate, Starbucks and the beach.
Teaching women how to master their minds so they and leave a legacy through their businesses is my mission.



"This woman, Kelly Sullivan Ruta, has changed my life.
I don’t use those words lightly...
Hiring Kelly was one of the most powerful decisions I’ve made in my 4 years as an entrepreneur. I’m so grateful for the work we’ve been doing and are continuing to do together.

Kelly is not like other “coaches.”
Kelly is on another level.
Kelly brings her clients to another level.
You know how they say “happiness is an inside game?”
Kelly is the coach you want leading the team for that game.

I DON’T EVEN WANT TO SHARE HER BECAUSE #MINE, but I think everyone needs a little Kelly Ruta in their life." 

- Jamie Jensen
CEO, TheJamieJensen.com

"When the would've, should've, and could've thoughts in your own head get too loud, Kelly helps you bust through your own bullshit, like a mindset ninja. Now I'm fearlessly stepping into my authentic leadership and every pivot along the way has become even more aligned with my purpose and vision." 

- Amanda Bond
CEO, The Ad Strategist

Amanda Bond
Amy Bull

“This (Becoming Limitless) program was the most amazing investment in myself. I came into the program because I needed confidence in myself and to believe in my value and received that and so much more.  I am a new improved person who not only completely believes in herself but is now fearless. That was a bonus.

Kelly helped me pinpoint my fears about being visible and completely overcome them. I have absolutely no fear around being visible, which wasn’t even why I joined but was a surprise bonus I never thought possible. I now have the mindset that I can literally do anything and overcome any fear. I am now the 2.0 version of myself, new and improved. Advice, show up always and do the work and it will work for you too!”

- Audrey Faust
Founder, www.audreyfaust.com

“As a client, I can attest to Kelly’s effectiveness. This is an investment in yourself that you will not regret. Creating change for yourself and your business isn’t magic - you have to decide to do the work, make the investment of time and money, and take action. But you don’t have to do it alone! Stop banging your head against the wall and let someone like Kelly help you!”

- Amy Bull

Integrative Health & Wellness Coach, https://www.theupfrequency.com/


Audrey Faust

"Well behaved women seldom make history." -Laurel Thatcher Ulrich