"Think about a time in your business when you were doing something that made time seem like it literally stopped. A time when your heart and soul were open wide and you felt so on fire that anything was possible. That time, for me, is when I speak to a live audience.."

I have been speaking to groups, small and large, for over 25 years. I started speaking from the stage to high schools, universities, community agencies, and women’s groups during my recovery from an eating disorder in 1993. Once I started speaking, I realized that my voice delivers a message that compels people to begin their own transformation.

I went on to train and speak to businesses of all sizes, both on and offline, such as the YMCA, the JCC, McDonald’s, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Epic at Sales, Evolution Live, Amplify Your Dreams Live, Shiny Bitches, Modern Femme, Uplevel You, Mike Michalowicz' Profit First Masters, The Junior League of Raleigh, and Screw the 9 to 5.

I am available for (and seriously love):

Podcast Interviews (click here to view my list of interviews
Keynote Speeches
Spotlight Speeches
Virtual training for Masterminds and other top level coaching groups
On location workshops and retreats

Some talks I give regularly are:

Fearlessness is BS: Why Arianna Huffington missed the mark and what to do instead

Master of the Mind or Slave to the Ego

Build Your Brave: Face Your Fears and Become the Hero of Your Own Story

Tapping Into the Secret Power of Your Mind to Create More (money, clients, success, joy… you name it!)

Failure Isn’t Real: How to powerfully reframe things that “go wrong” so that you are up and running again in no time

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"I will make this really simple:

Dumb move = Don't hire Kelly Ruta to speak at your event.

Smart move = Hire Kelly Ruta to speak at your event.

Do the smart thing, you will be blown away. We were!"


- Mike Michalowicz
#1 Best Selling Author of Profit First

Mike Michalowicz

"Within a few short moments of meeting Kelly Ruta it was clear... she is a powerful woman on a purposeful mission AND my community needed to hear from her. Kelly's presence onstage is a perfect blend of sassy strength and deep compassion which allows her to fully connect with any audience. She is engaging and provocative, nailing truths and asking the audience to GROW. If you are considering hiring her to speak at your event, first - run, do not walk, to do so and second be sure to plan to be in the audience to receive, her presentations are life changing! Thank you Kelly for bringing so much to our Epic Leap Live Event, so appreciate you!!!!"

- Laura Wright
CEO, Epic At Sales


"We had the immense pleasure of welcoming Kelly Ruta to speak at our inaugural Modern Femme conference in Virginia Beach. Her feisty personality and ferocious passion for supporting other women inspired and motivated our attendees to stand up, take notice, and start implementing the beliefs and practices that would fuel their success, both in the workplace and at home. Kelly is a vibrant, no nonsense educator who delivers tangible insights woven into a compelling myriad of personal experiences, authentic stories and relatable professional expertise. She is an asset to any event seeking to drive a deeper dialogue that challenges participants to go "next level" both in business and in life. In a society where words like "mentor, coach, and mindset" can be egregiously overused by trendy pop up shops that lack the history and experience that denote true experience and insight, Kelly rises to the top as a proven expert in her field, and is a crucial influencer in the mastery realm." 

- Katy Blevins Calabrese
Founder, Modern Femme Movement