Because all wealth is created in your mind first!

TSB Assets

A 12 week LIVE coaching & training program developed to help you reprogram your money blocks in 90 days and grow your revenue and profit with less stress, guilt, and hustle.

The Experience Starts February 26th, 2024

By teaching a proprietary process derived from cognitive psychology and neuroscience research, you will learn the skills and habits to remove and replace ANY money block quickly and safely (we don’t do gaslighting or retraumatizing in my world). This process is not based on magical principles.  It’s based on science which, when done properly, feels magical AF.

You can put what I will teach you on repeat for THE REST OF YOUR LIFE to remove any subconscious limiting beliefs around money.

BONUS: It works on any other limiting belief too!

  • This is not therapy
  • This is not hypnosis
  • This is not NLP
  • This is strategic mind/brain/habit development!

I am a mental health expert with almost 30 years of experience as a clinical psychotherapist, teacher, trainer, speaker, and coach. This hybrid course is strategic money TRANSFORMATION work for serious business owners who are sick of wasting time and money because their minds, brains and actions are not fully aligned with their goals.

This experience teaches you the EXACT system I used to reprogram all of my scarcity beliefs around money and:

-get out of 65K in BAD credit card debt

-build a 6 figure emergency fund

-work 4 days a week making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, EVEN with 2 chronic illnesses and a spine injury

-finally release my stress, worry and SHAME around money, wealth and success

-and become a NET WORTH MILLIONAIRE (because what you keep is what matters!)

Early Adopter Edition includes 12 weeks of

TSB Assets

This course kicks off on Monday, February 26, 2024, and the investment is one payment of $1997 or two payments of $1000.


This is the lowest price the course will ever be.

This opportunity is for fast action-takers who know a serious opportunity when they see one.


The first 5 people who sign up by midnight Friday, February 23rd 

will receive a BONUS valued at more than the course itself!

  • Private Voxer Access to me M-Th : This is typically only offered to my 15-25K clients and allows you to access me outside of coaching and teaching hours for more support! (Value 3K)


2 x $1000

Praise from Kelly's Clients...

Reaching my full potential was the biggest draw and justification for my investment. If I didn’t invest in healing, I wouldn’t be able to achieve my big goals and the challenges that come with it
Dala Al-Fuwaires
Founder and Principal Designer-House of Form
Thank you so much. I'm so. grateful for your coaching and guidance. It's felt like our work together finally cleared the path to allow a million-dollar business and upleveled experience of reality to come through!
Tessa Arias
Owner and Author- Handle the Heat
I am convinced that Kelly transforms your leadership and elevate your abilities. She is an expert you can trust.
Mike Michalowicz
Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Creator of the Profit First Method


When are the calls?

We meet every Monday on Zoom from 12-1pm EST for Live teaching calls. 

Live coaching calls are every Wednesday from 12-1pm EST.  Kelly and Dr. Kelli share these.

All calls will be recorded and saved in the Circle app (which we walk you through as part of the onboarding process) 

What if I miss a call?

No worries you an access the replay at any time inside Circle.  You can re-watch as many times as you’d like.

When will I receive the Journal?

The Un-Believable™ Journals are being printed as we speak and will be mailed out in time for you to start using them at the appropriate Module.  Should there be a shipping snafu, we have a fillable digital version as a backup so you don’t miss a step!


Is there a payment plan?

Absolutely. You can make two equal payments of $1000 when you check out.


What if I don’t like groups?

Kelly takes a small handful of private 1:1 clients who are at the multiple 6 and 7 figure revenue level.  Please email [email protected] to book a discovery call.

Do you offer refunds?

If you have watched all of the modules and attended all of the coaching calls for the first 30 days, and have decided the program is not for you, we will refund your money.

How do I interact with my community?

Great question! We keep everything in house so your content, replays, Bonuses AND community are located inside of Circle.  No need to head over to the Book of Faces to be in a group.



Enroll by February 25 at midnight EST and get these one-time bonuses:

A Personal Journal

A beautiful journal to track your progress and follow Kelly’s Un-Believable™ process.

A FREE Ticket to the Build Your Brave Virtual Retreat

A ticket to the Build Your Brave Virtual Retreat where you and a small group of women will do a deep dive into clearing the obstacle that stand in the way of you being fully embodied and empowered as entrepreneurs. 

Details TBA

Because all wealth is created in your mind first!

TSB Assets

A 12 week LIVE coaching & training program developed to help you reprogram your money blocks in 90 days and grow your revenue and profit with less stress, guilt, and hustle.

Program Starts February 26th, 2024

We make reasonable efforts to ensure that we accurately represent revenue potential. There are no guarantees that this program will produce a specific amount of revenue or profit and you assume the risk that results will vary by individual. Results in any coaching program are dependent on multiple factors, many of which are out of our control such as participant effort, consistency, participant pre-existing trauma or mental health conditions, and market conditions. As a result, you agree that Kelly Ruta International is not responsible for your financial success.

We acknowledge that financial inequities, dysfunctional systems, and the additional challenges of people in marginalized groups are real and impactful. While we do not have control over those things, we do have the ability to invest in and work on our (micro) individual contribution to the experience of money which can positively impact the greater world (macro).

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