The Driven Woman's Dilemma

How to Navigate Ambition without Burnout
Join Kelly Ruta and 3 Brilliant CEOs
for a Deep Dive Discussion
About What It Takes to Honor Your Ambition
Without Sacrificing Everything Else!
Wednesday, March 20th at 12pm EST
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You’ve been a go getter since birth but chasing your ambitions and dreams has left you tired, pulled in too many directions and feeling guilty about family and personal relationships. 


Can we really have it all without losing ourselves in the process?

This is the “Driven Woman’s Dilemma” and we are going to have a real, raw conversation about exactly what it takes to honor your revenue and impact goals without abandoning your health and well being.

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Meet Your Roundtable Host
Kelly Ruta
Founder and CEO, Kelly Ruta International

Kelly Sullivan Ruta is a seasoned clinical psychotherapist of two decades who made a leap into the coaching world to help entrepreneurs create an ultimate inner operating system for rapid scaling without rapid breakdown.

Kelly believes entrepreneurs are perfectly positioned to create a massive positive impact on the planet. But she also knows that no strategy, plan, or tactic will ever outperform one’s mindset, limiting beliefs, conditioned programs, or habits. She is obsessed with helping entrepreneurs and their teams do deep inner work, including building Emotional Agility as a power skill,  while they scale and grow.

Kelly is a hardcore introvert, Starbucks addict, 9 Quickstart and Enneagram 8. Her soul calls the beach home. When she isn’t working, Kelly is hanging with her ride-or-die besties, has her head in a book or is with her husband and two (mostly grown) sons.

Meet Your Roundtable Guests

Veronica Romney

Creator and CEO of the Rainmaker Residency Programs

Veronica Romney is a leadership expert, international speaker, podcast host, and the proud creator and CEO of the Rainmaker Residency™ programs. Within the Rainmaker Residency™ programs, she guides Visionary CEOs and ambitious Marketing Leaders to master their roles, nurture their teams, prioritize their well-being, and elevate their leadership.

Over the span of 15+ years, Veronica has traversed the ever-evolving marketing landscape, starting as a corporate marketer and then building her own marketing agency from scratch. As a former Speaker and Trainer for Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi, Chief of Staff at bossbabe, and Director of Marketing Suite Products for a $2B evaluated software company, she had the privilege of witnessing the marketing industry’s evolution firsthand from every angle.

Through these experiences, she gained invaluable insights into the unique challenges and opportunities that marketing teams and leaders face in today’s dynamic world. With this depth of understanding and commitment, Veronica is on a mission to empower marketing teams & leaders – inside and out.

When not helping her clients and Rainmakers with their professional and personal development, she is busy hosting her Rainmaker Podcast, writing her upcoming book, and wrangling her two man cubs in the beautiful oak trees of North Carolina

Jordan Gill

Jordan Gill is a multi- 7-Figure Business Strategist whose mission is for high-achieving business owners to prioritize rest without sacrificing revenue! Her podcast, Systems Saved Me®, goes behind the success of businesses to spotlight the invisible systems you’ve never seen or heard of.

When she’s not spreading the gospel of systematic success, she’s working on one of her thousand-piece jigsaw puzzles or traveling the world with her husband and bonus son.

Alexis Dean

Alexis Dean is the Founder and Lead Steward of The Dovetail Community, a community of women on a mission to advance female entrepreneurship through powerful masterminds, online membership, and unforgettable retreat experiences. 

With eighteen years of experience and education as a professional facilitator, trainer, consultant, educator, community builder and speaker, Alexis has lived and worked around the world. Prior to launching the Dovetail Community, Alexis founded Two Roads Team Building, a corporate team building, community building, and soft skills training company.

When she’s not at her desk planning the next Dovetail retreat or dinner, you’ll find Alexis hiking, paddleboarding, cold plunging, or tree skiing in winter.

It’s time to end people pleasing and embrace a path for women to excel without having to choose between our personal and professional goals  

This is the conversation you’ve been waiting for to validate your challenges and inspire you to overcome them.

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