Because all wealth is created in your mind, first. 

Mind Over Money

Unlock Epic Profit and Shatter
Your Money Ceiling...FOR GOOD!

Because all wealth is created in your mind, first. 

Mind Over Money

Unlock Epic Profit By Overcoming Your Money BS
Catch the replay while you can!
FREE 75 Minute Training

I see you! 

Working your a$$ off to build a business and life you love.

and wondering why money still feels hard, icky or scary. 

And facing your debt? #shameshame

You’ve read all the books. Made the vision boards. 

Meditated, prayed and said the affirmations.

You know you have money blocks that have to change.

You just never knew HOW to change them for good.

Until now! 

During This Free Webinar
You Will Learn...

The exact steps I took to get out of 65K in bad credit card debt, create a 6 figure emergency fund and build a profitable multi 6 figure business with a chronic illness.

The individual (and invisible) money blocks that are sabotaging your sales, marketing and wealth building goals.

My proprietary
Un-Believable Process (™ pending) for reprogramming ANY money block no matter how long you've had it or where it came from.

Meet Your Host

Hi, I’m Kelly. I was a clinical psychotherapist for 20 years. I had a fully booked practice with a waiting list and yet I silently struggled with burnout and resentment because I was a broke expert. 

Once I started using my expertise in working with the human brain, mind and behavior for my OWN benefit, I changed my money stories and went from 65K in debt to a net worth of 7+ figures (without compromising my family, values or time).

In this free training, I am pulling back the curtain on exactly what you need to know to finally start putting your money stories,  upper limits and profit leaking habits in your rearview mirror without:

  • Having to drop 5K-20K on a VIP day or mastermind
  • Spending hours a day (that you don’t have) journaling or meditating
  • Walking on hot coals, buying into cult-like coaching tactics, or having to spend 3 months at an Ashram (unless you want to!)
  • Giving up the financial management system you already like ( eg. Profit First, Dave Ramsey, The Financial Feminist)
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