Hey there, I’m Kelly.

Jersey girl living in the South.
INFJ, Manifesting-Generator, Kolbe 4-3-9-2, and a Scorpio.
Lover of all things chocolate, coffee, the beach and SHOES.
Psychotherapist turned Expert Mindset Mentor.

Woman obsessed with empowering other women.

You have fire in your belly and passion in your veins.
You know you are meant for big things and yet somehow,
this whole entrepreneur thing has you questioning
whether you are really cut out for this.

I SEE YOU and I get it.

The self doubt that sucks the momentum right out of you.

The overwhelm that shuts you down and causes excessive Netflix binges
The fear and constant worry about money and impact and freedom and...well, all of it

The thoughts that will not shut up about "Can I" and "Should I" and "What if" and "Who the hell am I to..."

This is NOT what you signed up for when you decided to start a business right?
And believe me gorgeous, I get it. Struggle and I are NOT strangers.

  • I spent 7 years in the throes of a nasty eating disorder
  • I’ve been diagnosed with (and healed) depression, anxiety, panic disorder severe insomnia, the Epstein Barr virus and fibromyalgia/CFS
  • Suicidal? Yeah, twice.
  • I’ve been told time and time again that I was crazy for leaving a career of 20 years, crazy for thinking so big, crazy for taking such risks...and just crazy in general

And yet, here I am.

Healthy. Happy. Abundant. Growing. Expanding. Evolving. On purpose. Why?

Not because I am special or because I was born with some talent that makes me any better off than you.
It is because I became the Master of my mind. It works for ME, instead of me being a slave to IT.

After treating hundreds of struggling people for over 20 years, one thing stood out that separated those who "got better" from those who continued to suffer..

The people who did the work to change their thoughts,
beliefs and brains changed their lives.
The people who refused to create those shifts
simply stayed stuck.


Now I work with entrepreneurs all over the world who realize that the fastest path to connect to the LIMITLESS potential and intelligence of the Universe is through the mind.

And when you do that, your business dances for joy.

WHY? Because just like you, I knew I was meant for so much more than struggle.

Even when my mind told me I was too fat, too damaged, too unworthy, too MUCH...there was a quiet voice inside that wouldn’t be silenced. And it called me to rise and shine my light.

Once I got a taste of that kind of on-fire-on-purpose-momentum and passion? #gameover

Now, I am not everyone’s cup of tea (I’m really kinda a latte girl).

I will give it to you straight.
I will not support any stories of victimhood or disempowerment.
I will hold the bar high.
I will call BS when and where I see it.

All because you deserve it.

Truth bomb: My clients don’t always like me.
That is because I respect you and your purpose enough to tell you what you NEED to hear, not what you want to hear.

Kelly Ruta

What they do always like?
Their results.


These are the things I want for you. And they are yours for the taking.

So here is my invitation. You, my love, do not have another precious
moment to waste on the stories that exist in your mind
that limit you and keep you playing small.

Not. One, More Moment.

The time is now.
This is your sign.

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